Sunday, September 12, 2010

tweeting like a bird ♥

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Nowadays I use Twitter as my public journal. I spill all my thoughts, feelings, and *uhm* jokes there. And of course... I share my daily activities there as well :)
But there's something I don't like about Twitter...
Yes. Some people say bad things about other people in such an offensive way. I don't really like it. 
Well, actually I have no rights to forbid you. But somehow, Twitter is a public place. So be careful :)


A.A said...

Membaca semua post di blogmu, tercermin bahwa ; you're such a nice person. you're kind.. very kind (:

Hmm, salam kenal ya! Namaku Annisa (: nice to know you (:

Vilda Witaria said...

wow! really? ahahaha i'm not that perfect xD but thank you

salam kenal juga annisa :)

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