Friday, September 24, 2010

coffee break wif you - and my first blogging tips!

Some friends asked me to help them with their blogs. Some also asked me some questions about blogging or writing. Okay, actually I love helping. But I don’t know what to do to help you with your blogs, friends :) Help you to sign up to Blogger, or Wordpress, or Livejournal, etc. ? Help you with the design? Suggest you how to write good posts? I’m not really a master in those all. But okay, in this post I’ll try to answer your questions :)
So here are the most asked questions :

How do I start a blog?
What do you mean with “Start a blog”? If you mean “CREATE a new blog”, that’s probably easy. When I first started this blog, the registration process is quite easy. I just had to click, put some information, click, click, click, and voila!, they gave me a blog! I don’t really know how the registration process is nowadays. But it must be easy, right? You just have to follow the instructions.
But if you mean “MOTIVATE yourself to start a blog”… I guess I can’t answer surely. But let me try!
So, why do you start a blog? Do you want to earn money? Or to promote a product (or even yourself)? Or just as a hobby? If you want to earn money or promote something, then I can’t help you further, sorry. I don’t  really know about those. But if you start it just for fun (e.g. as your art gallery) you can read this post further :)

How do I create a good look for my blog?
Have you seen popular blogs? And have you seen people's comments on their posts? People don't usually pay a great attention on their blog design! What they really adore are the posts (and sometimes the pics!). But let me tell you this : blog design is important too. People will stay longer reading your blog if you choose a good template. The text should be clear enough and easy to read. Use standard templates, and put some little accessories there. Don't put too many glitter animations or blink-blinks on your sidebar or header. Simplicity is the best! You can choose one from the default templates provided (because it's always easier to modify a plain template!), or you can also search for free templates on Google. Choose one that suits your personality (or even your mood?).
You can put a chatbox on your blog (this is optional!). People usually use it as a 'guest book'. It's just like an instant comment box. But there will also be ads or spams, so be patient if you decide to use chatbox. 
Don't use too many colors. Especially the contrast ones. If you use white background, then don't use yellow text. It's hard to read -- and eye-irritating as well.
Oh yeah : be consistent with the text / pics size and position. Don't be messy. You can also use italic or bold font to emphasize or highlight what you're talking about.

How do I write good posts?
People don’t really love posts which are too short, but they don’t also love the mega-long ones. People love good pics, but they also hate waiting for the large number of pics to appear one by one. 6-7 pics for each post would be enough. 
Oh yeah, people also hate cheesy posts. A "Hey Hey Hey I'm sad, people. Talk to you later. Bye." is definitely NOT a post people would like to read.
About the language? Actually it's up to you. But, since most people in this world use English, you better try to write posts in English, so the readers from other countries can understand what you're writing about, especially if you're a non-native English speaker who is in a learning process (I'm in that category!). You can tell the readers that you're not really good at English, so they can tell you if you made mistakes. Be confident -- it's a learning process!
Write what you really like, know, or want to know. Don't just be a follower. If most people made fashion blogs, but you're not really into fashion, so write about anything else that you really love. Stand out of the crowd! Try to be unique and special.

"I use this blog as my art gallery, to spill all my thoughts or ideas or just do some sharing. It's just like a little journal."

Be consistent in blogging. Write at least 1-3 posts per week. Be patient. You can't wish to get millions of readers quickly. It takes time. Just keep blogging and promoting :) And don't just wish for popularity. You should enjoy writing. It's fun, trust me!
One more thing : don't copy or disclaim other people's contents without permission! You can write "I got these pics / quotes / video / whatever from ...."

How do I promote my blog?
It's easy. Got any Twitter or Facebook? Put your URL(s) there. Or as your e-mail signature. Tell your friends that you've created a blog. Your friends may go visit if they think it's interesting. You have to visit other people's blogs as well. Do some link exchange with them, drop nice comments, and follow their blogs. But I tell you, DON'T SPAM ON PEOPLE'S BLOGS OR WEBS OR ANYTHING. You can drop lovely (and honest) comments, like "Nice post! I love it! What device do you use to take those photos btw?". But not a spam like this : "Free drinks? Visit my blog!"
Okay, I know you're not a spammer :)

Actually I want to write more, but I don't want this post to be mega-long like I said! The point is... JUST BE YOURSELF IN BLOGGING. Don't get stuck on the tips or rules. 

So... are those tips useful enough? Do comment, please :)

Chocolate, Bouquet, and Love

Ms. Vilda Witaria


ria said...

simple pict but i like it! do you made it by yourself?

Vilda Witaria said...

yes of course :) i love doodling. Thank you ria :) ♥

Esther Angela said...

nice tips!:)

Vilda Witaria said...

thanks esther :)

Keziiaiueo said...

love it vilda :)

Vilda Witaria said...

thanks my lovely keziaaa :) ♥

kezedus said...

great! you're 'richer' now....

Vilda Witaria said...


Vilda Witaria said...

'richer' in what btw?

Ilham Hasymi Effendi said...

bad English, mega-long post, cheesy post,, i did those mistakes,, :(

thanks 4 sharing, hope you'll post something like this again,, :)

Vilda Witaria said...

haha just take it easy, ilham :) it's a learning process
thank you for your lovely comment ♥

Amalia Pradifera said...

Okay this might really help.

Amalia Pradifera said...

Okay this might really help.

Vilda said...

i hope so :)

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