Friday, July 9, 2010

The second year of mine

 Above : The new textbooks of my sister's

Yeah, today was the beginning of my second year in JHS. And woo-hoo, the teachers placed me in 8D! I've never been placed in D class before. Well, I like my classmates -- they're quite freak fun!

And the main highlight of this day is... him. I felt very awkward when I saw him this morning near the school corridor and realized that something had been changed on his appearance -- he had got new glasses! Oh, how lovely! They were thick and made him looked so nerdie, but I just love them very much! And I don't know why. He was much even cooler than before, with those new glasses!

Goals for this term (highlight!!!) :
1. Reach the highest score in grade 8. Is it possible? I guess yes. Nothing's impossible!

2. Study more seriously, and spend less time in this cyberworld. Sometimes I feel like spending more time to study. Maybe it sounds boring, but hey, this is about my future! And I want to be a good example for my sister -- she's going to had a national examination this year.

3. Practice hard for band class. I've been abandoned my guitar for months or so. TIME TO TAKE IT BACK AND PRACTICE!

4. Enjoy my time with my lovely seniors in JHS. Their time is short.

5. Be a good friend for him. And forget the whole ex-boyfriend thingy.

6. Make new friends.

7. Save my pocket money!

8. Be more active and sporty!

9. Be more organized. I must have my study tools organized and tidied-up. No more mess.

And how's your first school day? Share some stories! :)

ps I got an award from Angel, but as usual, I'm not in a good mood to tag it to other bloggers. I'm sorry, dear. But thanks very much!! Keep blogging!! :)


ne0 d4rk fl00d3r said...

siapa tuh 'him'? :P

Vilda Witaria said...

weeee mau tau aja. tebak aja coba. cari tu di skolah :P

ne0 d4rk fl00d3r said...


Vilda Witaria said...

ketawa ajee lo. haha :D

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