Thursday, July 8, 2010

get ready.

So today is the last day of holidays. Tomorrow I'll go back to school! I can't wait to meet my new classmates, new class teacher, and new classroom :) Hey, I feel great about being an 8th grader!

And for you, who are going to enter a new school (or even university), be prepared! Make sure that you're ready for the new environment, new people, new study method, new air, and everything NEW! Wish the best of luck for you!

Little things to do to make your school days more colorful :
1. Positive thinking. Everything's going to be okay.

2. Smile. Show that you're friendly. And be confident please.

3. Add colours. Colourful bag, notebooks, pencil case, etc.

4. Build friendship. Meet new people. The more new friends you get, the more you feel better about your school days.

5. Be as active as you can. Join your favourite extracurricular, help as many people as you can (in a positive way), ask questions to your teacher... and don't just sit!

6. Make targets and goals. Know what you want, and how to reach them.

Ms. Vilda Witaria

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