Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Camera, Saltwater, Sun, and Sand

Feel bored of staying at home, me, my mom, and Wina decided to do a refreshing at Ancol Festival Beach. Well, we didn't swim or play there, because the beach wasn't really good -- it was to crowded. But at least I got some pictures. Um, they're not really good, because it was a little bit sunny there and the sun was very bright, so I used beach/snow scene on my camera to make the pics clearer. And oh yes! The sky was really grey, and I didn't like it very much!

And by the way, I got one more award from Gita! Woohoo, thanks! :)

ps. Sorry for the large number of pics, dear!


Orchid said...

many2 shades..OMG!!i want one :p

Orchid said...

btw..gak bener2 manjat..hha.cuman gmbr nyaa..aku jg prnh ketipu sama ntuh gmbr -_- hehe
mangnya km tinggal daerah mana?mampir aja ke Teko :p

Vilda Witaria said...

yep, me too :)

aku mah di alsut.. jadi blom pernah ke teko.. jadi di pintunya ada gambar gitu?

Orchid said...

wiw..iya..mampir aja..hehe
o iya km mangnya skul dmna?

Vilda Witaria said...

di tarakanita, gading serpong. hehe kamu di st.john ya?

ck said...

i love photo of glasses. If only you took the picture a lil' bit closer, and focused on the white one with rainbow shadow (up) and friends, it would be awesome! ;)

Vilda Witaria said...

hi ck! thanks for your advice :) maybe later i'll try. actually i wanted to take it closer, but i felt 'awkward'. the man who sold those glasses would be angry :)

thanks once again :)

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