Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Start A Good Day! ♥

Say Hi! Isn't he cute? :)

These are my tips to start a good day -- but you can also make your own tips. Do these after you wake up in the morning :

1. Thank God -- He has given you one more day of life :)

2. Say this to yourself : "This day gonna be a good day! I won't let myself feel down!"

3. Wash your face with cold fresh water! :)

4. Look at your face on the mirror, smile, and then say, "You look so great today!"

5. Drink pure water.

6. Drink tea. Feel free to choose any kind of tea you want : hot or iced, original or sweet, green tea or black tea...

7. Have a nice breakfast :)

8. Listen to your favorite playlist :)

9. Do a little exercise, feel the fresh air!

10. Do your browsing routine on the internet!(quotes, inspirational pics, etc.) :)


Helena Hotmonica said...

I'll take your advice. It's pretty good :)

vividblack said...

wow thanks for your comment :)
hope it works :)

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