Friday, June 25, 2010

A Not-so-dark Secret

This morning I decided to take my dusty guitar and practice, after abandoned it for quite a long time. I enjoyed my quality time with that guitar, though the thin E string's broken.

And that little black thing is my guitar pick. Well, don't ask me where or when I bought it -- I got it from someone, FOR FREE. I had better not tell you his name. But okay, I don't mind telling you the history :)

I still remember the awkward feeling when he gave me that pick. So here's the chronology:
Few months ago in the band class, I borrowed that pick from him because I had to practice. I meant to give it back to him two days after that day. But suddenly he said, "You don't have to give it back to me. Now it's yours."
I replied, "No, I should give it back!" I said that because I felt awkward about keeping someone-special's stuff with me. But he refused, he said, "No. It's for you. You need more practice. If you don't want it, just throw it away." I didn't want to have a debate with him, so I decided to keep that pick forever in my pink wallet :) sounds cheesy, right? But I was awfully happy about that.

Few weeks after that day: things went bad between me and him, I never wanted to touch it again. But now, months after that big fight, I've forgiven him (though he's never said sorry) and forgotten all about him. Nowadays, it feels like this pick is just like an ordinary pick without any stories behind it. I don't care anymore about the whole brokenheart-thingy. I just's no use to consider someone as my enemy. Right?

Okay, it's great fun to share this little story with you all. So I finish here! Do leave some comment. :) Bye peeps!

p.s : Hey! Here I give you a clue : "He's not my ex-boyfriend! Really."

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