Monday, June 7, 2010

No pics for today ;)

So where should I start? Okay let's talk about my school-life today first. The 7th graders did nothing for about 3 hours and had a 'MENGANTISIPASI DAMPAK PORNOGRAFI' workshop for 2 hours. Sounds so busy, right?
I didn't get anything special from that workshop. But it was damn funny LOL :D and a little bit inspiring. Oh what the hell, I wasn't in such a good mood to listen to it.
And... my daily life? Alright, twitter is my new love :) I tweet a lot there. Click here and follow me if you'd like to. I'll follow you back, I promise!
OMG I have no more ideas about what to write here. So I should stop here and ... see you in the next post! (I promise it'll be more interesting than this)

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