Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Holiday!

My plan!

1. Go to a dentist

2. Tidy up my bookshelf. Take a look at my bookshelf and you'll find such a great mess! Oh I'm sure it'll take me so long to clean it :(

3. Tidy up my wardrobe. Hope I'll find some usable old clothes of mine. Wish me luck, guys! :)

4. Wash my bags and shoes. They look terrible now, but I'll make them shiny! :)

5. Get a new diary! The old one is almost full of my writings.

6. Write a novel. Ehm but I'm not sure it'll be a good novel. 

By the way, my mom changed her mind :'( our trip to Belitung has been cancelled. What the heck? I'm gonna stay home???!!!

All right. So what's your plan for your holiday(s)?  

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