Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Lotta Loveee ♥

The concert was uber fun! At least for me. Well, the fun side itself came from my friends. Woohoo, sorry :)

It started when Imel picked me on McD's and we went to the venue together. OMG, I was sooo early. On the venue, 2 PM (3 hours before the concert started), there were only the members of 'OSIS' (who prepared the stage etc.), the teachers, the TarakanitaGleeClub members, and the musicians (who played the music for this concert). Yes, everyone was busy, except me. Teehee xD
Agnes, Imel, me.. 
Imel, and Tata (woow so funny teehee :D)

Samuel 'AFI Junior', the guest star

the audiences

Nah, TGC and the musicians!! Oh they're soo... *no comment, suddenly speechless* :)

The concert itself started at 5PM, and I didn't get good photo angles. So sorry for the bad quality, budds.

And the concert ended at 7.15PM

Well, that's it!

P.S : Just for your info, my ex-boyfriend was there too. He played the saxophone, very well! :)

P.P.S : For more pics, see my Facebook Profile ;)


ne0 d4rk fl00d3r said...

siapa lagi yg maen sexophone?

vividblack said...

ada deeh. anak klas 8. mantan gue. hahaaa

vividblack said...

by the way, it's SAXOPHONE bukan sexophone. ga enak gitu dengernyaa. haha

ne0 d4rk fl00d3r said...

ngomong2 gua bilang 'siapa lagi', apakah cuma 1 orang doang?

vividblack said...

ya emang cuma 1 orang. lu kira brapee?

ne0 d4rk fl00d3r said...

nggak, ada seseorang yang bilang katanya ada orang yg maen saxophone lagi, gua penasaran aja siapa (gak usah dibahas lagi)

vividblack said...

orang cuma satu juga.

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