Sunday, May 2, 2010

Scrapped (?)

Oh, those are the first two pages of my hand-made scrapbook. The scrapbook I made, is a part of my art project, given by art teacher. Not only given to me, of course, but also to all 7th graders. And I enjoy love doing it. It's a damn great fun, to put your favourite pics, quotes, articles, photos, etc in your own journal. Not an ordinary journal : it's an artistic journal! We can express our thoughts, dreams, imaginations, and creations here. Do you think it's fun? I do, teehee xD
Okay, wait for the next pics of my scrapbook pages.

By the way, most of the girls run their own fashion blogs. I'm thinking about having my own. But maybe not now. I love fashion, but I'm not really fashionable now, since I have no enough money to buy cool fashion items.
For now, I prefer to call my blog as a 'Photography Blog'. Is it cool enough? Not really, I think.

P.S : Tomorrow's Monday. Honestly, I don't hate Monday. I hate Tuesday more than Monday. It's because, I still have my favourite subjects on Monday : P.E, art, and English! But never mind, it's better when we can survive and do the best everyday, not just on our favourite days. Right? :D

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