Sunday, May 16, 2010

Final Fantasia

Such a great time I had in my first year in JHS. Thanks guys, btw :) I'm sure my second year will be a superb year too, because.. hello, I'm going to be a senior! *yays* *a good senior, of course. juniors, don't be afraid LOL*. And anyway, the final exam is coming up -- oh sounds so scary, but actually it's not. I haven't prepared it at all, teehee XD

Oh yes, sorry for the late replies to your comments or shouts. A bad news : my PC's monitor's dead broken. That means, I'll be absent for days or so (yes it's sooooo damnly terrible, DAYS WITHOUT INTERNET!! what the hell?!). So let's be patient peeps.


vildaa :)

P.S : my sister has got her own blog. check this out : Teh Kacin

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