Thursday, April 1, 2010

In A Relationship ♥

Let's talk about this.

For a little girl like me (yes I'm 13), there's no big difference between Relationship and Friendship. I treat my boyfriend just like my bestfriend. And oh, even the word 'Boyfriend' is too strange for me. Yes I'm a newbie. I still think that I'm too young for this, though most of my friends already have 'their own' too.

Oh I should follow this advice : GO AHEAD !! JUST LET IT FLOW , AND ENJOY IT !!!

My commitment
And I shan't try to be a PERFECT girlfriend (nobody's perfect, huh!) ... I shall DO MY BEST to be a GOOD girlfriend (or even GREAT if possible)
See the difference?

Last but not least... Because I'm still a  little young girl, I shouldn't forget my education (the 1st priority in my life), my family, my friends, my dreams !! Woo-hoo, let's be a happy teenager !! :P

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