Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I hate it. To the max.

I hate Tuesday.
Yeah, the uniform, the air, the atmosphere, and the boring lessons, which are combined in one perfect day. Hell yeah! Plus, I wasn't in such a good mood today. I got angry very easily, and I'm sure my friends had noticed that I was... under pressure. Sorry, friends.
Anyway, I'm now thinking about... being 100%. In all things I do, for all people I love. I should do all the best I can. No more messing-up. No more wasting time. My time is short. My priority in this teenage-hood should be EDUCATION. Popularity, friendship, and fun are just bonuses for my hardwork.


 P.S : ah well, I've tried to write something worth to be posted, but I get nothing :P and by the way, the pic above is the pattern of my shorts I'm currently wearing.

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