Monday, April 12, 2010


Okay, have to write quickly.

I'm sorry for my absence. Let me tell you what happened on me. I had a problem with the ISP (again). It sucks, man -- when I want to share sooo many things in this blog, but the internet connection is poor. I felt like... lost connection. Didn't know what happened in the cyberworld, latest gossip or news... That's very painful, geez.
So glad I could back to this cyberworld.
And a little story to be shared? Ah yes, if you wanna know what my current obsession is, it's WRITING A BOOK. Writing is just like a part of my soul. Sounds ridiculous, hahaha :) but it's a fact.
Oh please, school assignments make me feel dizzy :S
Plus one special bonus : my own problem. What could be better than this? You feel wanna cry, but you need to be strong, because there are so many assignments and homeworks queueing to be done.

Finish here. Get to go. Bye :) :)

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