Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy to be free

Finally I moved to unlimited internet connection :) And it's not as expensive as I thought before. Because of this little thing :

Yes, student card. Small, but yet useful (??). *oh no, I shouldn't show you my silly close-up pic :P*
I feel like bringing this everywhere I go, since some restaurants, bookstores, karaoke boxes, cinemas, etc. give special prices for students *damn LOL*

And oh yes, I feel like updating my blog more regularly. Chit-chatting with my girls. Uploading a bunch of photos. Browsing. Blogwalking.
But, damn, <1 week left before getting back into the freaking environment (read : regular school days). Friends, teachers, books, notes, formulas, assignments, homeworks, extras, exams... Oh I can't wait!

Geez, I don't really enjoy my holiday at all. No traveling, no bookworming (??), no shopping... Damn!

Oh yeah, before I leave : any book or music suggestions ? I need something new. Comment me, okay? :P

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