Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gimme 25!

1. I have one sister. She's Wina Witaria, 14. She's an 8th grader, in the same school with me.

2. I love chocolate (every girl does!). I like it when it's melting in my mouth, oh heavenly smooth!

3. Japanese ramen is my current addiction ♥

4. I study at Tarakanita Gading Serpong JHS, and I'm happy to be there! :)

5. Oh yeah! I love photography! Actually I don't have DSLR, lomo, or something like that. I just take photos with my phone camera.

6. And fashion! Yes, fashion! Especially Japanese and European style, which are very popular and common now.

7. But still, I love batik -- I'm proud of being Indonesian! I love it's pattern terribly.

8.Writing is my major interest. Love to write everything, everywhere, everytime. Hmm... I'm not really good at it, but believe me, I do something not just because I'm good at doing it.

9. No wonder, I really want to master English language. It's the most spoken language in this world, and I'll feel like left-out if I can't speak English :P

10. Number ten... I don't really believe the abbreviation 'BFF' which means 'Best Friends Forever'.

11. My dream is too study abroad.

12. Okay, I play an instrument. It's guitar. But honestly, I'm bad at it :) Oh, I want to learn to play violin or piano as well! ♥

13. Whenever I feel sad or angry, I drink tea or eat chocolate / ice cream. It works, boo! It never fails to make myself feel better.

13. I love eating, but not too much, teehee XD

14. I often have a bad-hair-day! ><

15. I like reading as much as writing. I got so many knowledges and fun by reading. Although, I don't like comics. I don't know the reason -- I just hate to read with messy-pictures.

16. Popularity? Well, I'm not a popular girl in my school, but I've got so many friends. Even some of the seniors are my best friends too! :P

17. Love? Actually, there's no need to have a boyfriend in my JHS-hood! :D

18. Eighteen... I love Hello-Kitty! A cute white kitten with pinky costumes ♥

19. Sometimes I prefer punk musics, like Paramore, Evanescence, Greenday, etc :)

20. I love movies, but I seldom go to the cinema for movies

21. Currently I like drawing in my handmade scrapbook :) :) :)

22. Oh wow, I'm a kind of emotional person :P

23. I'm interested at learning Japanese and Korean language too ♥

24. My first priority in this life is education. Without it, I'm useless.

25. And finally... I LOVE MYSELF! woohoooooo!! ^^

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