Monday, April 19, 2010

Game Over

Have I told you that we have broken-up since 1 week ago? Well, I'm so sorry for not telling you this.
We had been going out for 1 week, when suddenly he asked me to end our relationship. For some people, it must be embarassing. But not for me. We broke-up, not because a quarrel, a trouble, or something else. Instead, he gave me acceptable reasons :
1. He wanted to focus on his study
2. He wasn't ready for a relationship

Ah yes, we ended up that way. Very firendly. Though, it wasn't easy for me at the first time. But now I'm feeling much better. Do I still love him? Yes I do, but hey, we're just JHS students! Education should be our first priority. He wants to reach his goals and targets, so do I. I have no rights to stop him.
Hmm... he's still my bestfriend, however. That's fun! :P

P.S : I will always remember him as my first (ex-)boyfriend. First moments never die! I'm glad to have a ex like him! :P :P :P

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