Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Freaking out!!!!

Just had a conversation with my mom. I told her that I'm (terribly) stressed out, about those school tasks, projects, etc. Yes I feel hopeless about them. All teachers who gave those tasks, said that we should be creative and innovative. CREATIVE, CREATIVE, AND CREATIVE. What the hell is that?
Well, I feel much better after talking to mom :)
Yes, my school life is getting freakier. Seems like all teachers love to give us so many tasks. And the WORST is, I should complete them all IN GROUP. Yes, I don't really like working in group. Not 100% dislike, maybe. Just 60%.
Individualistic? I don't care, I just hate it so much. Especially if my friends are not in the same group with me, oh it feels like the hell is coming to me.
I KNOW THAT'S WRONG, but I can't help. So, can anyone help me with this problem? :)

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