Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fly Away

I'm going to take the final exam in this May. Geez, that's a short time, isn't it? No more time to be wasted. 1 month left to review the subjects. But what comes to my mind, is the time, which flies so fast. I'm surprised when I realize that I've been in this school for 1 year. I think I'm going to miss the moment when I first entered this school.
I keep guessing, who will be my classmates in grade 8 (ah yeah, finally, the senior-hood is only one step away :P) and I hope I will have Agnes or Imel (or maybe both of them) as my next classmates. We can mess-up the class, hahaha :)
But yes, school-life isn't just about friendship. I should focus at my study, instead of wasting time like I'm doing right now (yes, writing this post is kinda wasting-time).

Finally, the only thing I can say to you now is : HAVE A NICE DAY, boo! ;)

P.S : oh well, the pic tells nothing. It's just my old cassette. I love it because it looks so... 'vintage' haha :D

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