Monday, March 1, 2010

I want a cup of Chicken Soup !!!

Some of the stories are inspirative and touchy, but the others are still ordinary, sorry to say. Because it's about shopping. Shopping is fun, not melancholic.

But don't worry buddies, I love the fun side itself. For a reader like me, funny stories are ... inspiring too. I need more laughs, not tears. Funny stories made me know that this world is beautiful when we laugh and love.

And for you, quote-lovers, this book also contains funny quotes.

I should give four stars for this book. :)

P.S : Am I a shop-a-holic ? The answer probably is YES OF COURSE !!! :P


fhen said...

i am a fan of chicken soup for the soul too
but havent read this one!
hmm maybe i should find one soon!

vividblack said...

i'm sure it's available on the bookstores. :)
thanks for your visit and comment !

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