Sunday, March 21, 2010

10 Reasons why you are so special for me

10. When my heart was broken, you came to me and 'heal' my heart

9. You're very kind and light-hearted

8. You're so patient

7. You're so funny, and a little bit freak ( AND SO AM I !! We are the same, yaay ! :P )

6. When I need you, you're always ready to help me

5. Your views, your thoughts, the way you see the world, are very unique :)

4. You help me to find myself

3. You are just like my brother :)

2. Your smile, your laughs, your words... OMG you make me fly :P

and the first reason why you are so special for me is, because...

1. My heart says so ^^ ♥

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