Monday, February 1, 2010

We can't go any further

I'm trying to be your BEST-OF-THE-BESTfriend.
I can't be yours, so then I try to make you happy.
No, I don't decide to be your boyfriend. I just decide to become your BEST-OF-THE-BESTfriend, so we can spend time together without 'dating' status stuck on my forehead. It's enough to make you happy, right ?

But, hellooo..
You started to treat me like your girlfriend - oh what the hell is it ?
You disturb me everyday - ah you're so annoying .
You make me feel dizzy .
Can't you understand that my heart ... isn't for you ?

It has been almost 6 months since I fell in love with 'oh-you-know-laa'
Dear , I'm not a kind of girl who can simply forget her love and afterwards easily comes to her admirer
NO , that's not meee ..
So , please don't rush me to forget him .
You said that you LOVE me ( love ? is it true ?? a 7th grader can feel a TRUE LOVE ?? )
So let me go
Let me free
Let me feel happy

Well , if you can't forget me ...
Just remember what I said : YOU'RE MY BEST-OF-THE-BESTFRIEND, ISN'T IT ENOUGH ??


P.S : oh guys, this post is so 'rubbish' ! But mm , I just want to share this silly-thing with you . May I ? :)


ninneta said...

you gotta be clear about relationship... or you gonna be lost in confusion... be clear... Friend, lover or nothing.... :)

vividblack said...

yes thanks.
dia bukan pacarku. yeah, sahabatku sih, cuma agak gimanaa gitu. ngejar-ngejar. hahahaha :D

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