Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Alright. Nice to hear about you again. So, how are you, and your HER-ROYAL-HIGHNESS-PRINCESS mom? I hope you are okay. Especially YOU, with your school projects. SO NOW YOU'RE SMART !!! Glad to hear it !!

Thanks to say bad things about me -- that shows that you care about me. Thanks to blame me, to call me name, to say that I'm an animal. THANKS TO BE A JUDGE FOR ME.
Do you still remember our friendship 3 years ago? If yes, thanks very-berry much. But if not, I will thank you too. Yes! I don't wish you want to remember it. Come on, let's bury it! Hahahaa!

Hmm... but I think you're still handsome. And maybe I couldn't be your bestfriend again because I'm ugly, I'm insane, I'm freak, and whatsoever. BUT SO WHAT? I will never care! I'm not the same girl from your memory. I don't need you again, even you're HANDSOME, RICH, RELIGIOUS, AND most of all, INNOCENT.
I can't wait for your next words. Love them! But unfortunately, they can't hurt me, they can't make me down! And your gigantic mouth... can't stop me to be myself! Never and ever!

Oh, I've thinked about being your bestfriend again. But once you said NO, so let it be NO! Don't change your mind! I don't wish you to back!

And your PERFECT mom? Oh she's so beautiful now... like a BARBIE-DOLL. Why don't you ask her to be a supermodel? It's good to see her, stepping beautifully on the catwalk!

Uhm, well, send my greetings to her.

Oh yeah, bytheway, good luck with those bitches in your new school !



ninneta said...


datang mau ngucapin

happy lunar
happy valentine's day
happy ash wednesday

buat yang merayakan, yang nggak merayakan semoga bulan penuh cinta ini selalu membawa kebahagiaan dan kedamaian...


vividblack said...

thanks ^^
happy CNY and Val's day too.

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