Saturday, February 20, 2010

Book Princess

Hi bibeeeeeh !

I was totally satisfied when I finished reading this novel . It was such a great fun , that even my teddy bear wanted to read it too :)
the ending wasn't very happy like I supposed to be , but it made me keep guessing what will be happened in the next book : Princess Mia , which will be the last book too . Alright, Princess on The Brink was the 8th book , and Princess In Training which I've read few weeks ago , was the 6th . Yes , school library had only those two books . But no problem , I can look for other books somewhere :)

Anyway , I just checked the price label on those books , and surprised that : an untranslated book with about 238 pages costs Rp110.000. God , it was only 238 pages . How about the untranslated version of Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn ?

And suddenly , this thought comes to my mind :
"Should I write my self-written novel in english ?"
I mean , I even not in a suitable mood to write in Indonesian . Damn , but I'm not really good in English too . So here I am , confused .
Well , since I read those Princess Diaries series (not completely) .
You can say I'm westernized . But here I tell you guys , I'm a moody person , I'm always do something as long as it suits my mood . Okay , once again , I'M JUST MOODY . I I even don't know if tomorrow I'd change mind . Yeah , who knows ? :D

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