Friday, January 22, 2010

Everything's gonna be alrite

Thanks god, it's friday (again) !

And bonjour, nice to greet you all again, bloggie-buddies ! I'm sorry for not writing in english for a very long time, since I'm a bit too lazy to think : "is this correct?" or "Does it explain what I meant?"
But nowadays, I've defeated those lazy-monsters, and here I am, full of spirit ! :D

I'm sure that most of you already have a/some planning(s) for your weekend. And so do I ! :)
On Saturday, there is a recollection program at my school, and all students have to join it ! I think it's going to be fun.
On Sunday, I'm going to go hang-out with my bandmates to Supermal Karawaci. Not just hanging-out -- we are also going to visit Yamaha Music Square Karawaci for a 60-minutes-practice. I can't wait !!

You have to make your own plannings ! :)

Mm, wait, before you leave, I wanna show you these random drawings.

This one is very nice, which made by Inri on my geography notebook.

And this one is made by... me. Not very good, mm, I accept that. But even if it was a good one, I wouldn't say "Hey mine is the best !!" hahahahaha...

Have a  nice superb weekend ! ♥

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