Friday, December 25, 2009


Friday, December 25th, 2009

Sorry for my absence. I only have 2 more hours for blogging and facebooking in this month. Yeahs, it's because my limited internet connection. Once again, sorry. I promise, i will write more often next month.

merry christmas.

How are your holiday? Mine is good. My cousins from Belitung, came to my house and will spend time here for at least 2-3 weeks *yay!*, so i can go out more often with them. No more boring holiday!

Oiya, kata AgnesEvelyn, dan Imel, blog gue bagus. Bener ga sih? Hehehehe... klo menurut gue sih biasa aja, gue asal-asal ngisi blog aja. Tapi THANKS BANGET, yap! Luv u all... *norak

By the way, congratulations buat Imel yang baru aja dibaptis *mudah-mudahan lo baca ini, Mel.
Nama yang indah : Benedicta Melody Yudith Jasminita. Hahahaha.... :)

Okay, see you in the next post... maybe on the New Year Eve... :D



meluvblack said...

hahah aduh jadi malu gw dibilang namanya indahh hahah xD
panggilannya sapa yah ? ben ? dicta ? ahah . gaenak bgt .

vividblack said...


bwee... XP

ben aja. ben(cong)...

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