Thursday, December 3, 2009

Totally Terrible !!

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

sedikiiit lagi...

i'm really stressed-out during this terrible exam! Okay, studying difficult subjects is kinda challenging... (believe it or not, i love study!)
But if u ask me to study all day long for whole one week, without contact with my cyberworld, i guess it will be quite very loathsome. And that HAPPENS TO ME NOW! My mom doesn't allow me to use my computer during the exam, even if i just want to post something on this blog, or check the notifications in my facebook, and so on, for only 15 minutes! I mean, not allowed!

But the worst news is :

it hasn't overed yet! I still have two more days of exam to fight for. 2 subjects in each day!


untungnya sih sekarang udah agak longgar dikit.
gue udah mulai dikasih kesempatan buat online walaupun cuma 30 menit!
gue pun punya beberapa planning buat dilakukan selesai exam :
1. beres-beresin lemari
2. memanjakaannn diri :))
3. online teruusss
4. cuci sepatu putih
5. ngelanjutin novel buatan sendiri :DDDD
6. baca novel... sebanyak-banyaknya...

semoga bisa terlaksana semua.
oke, sampai jumpa... besok, atau mungkin hari senin... :)


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