Sunday, August 25, 2013

short story

Thursday, June 27, 2013

throwback thursday


Earlier this month I attended my seniors' graduation ceremony and talked to some of them, and I could see how tough senior high was for them, and also, how tough it was to leave it. As a freshman going to the sophomore year, I haven't seen the tough parts themselves, but those conversations I had with the people who had been through them convinced me that... high school years would flash before my eyes that it would be so precious. And I started to feel that it's somehow true. Yesterday I was only an awkward freshman, and now I'm preparing myself for my second (and they said, the toughest) year , and I can barely believe it. Yesterday I was graduating from junior high, and two years from now (which is a pretty short time span for me) I would wear a gorgeous kebaya to senior high graduation ceremony.

And the pictures above were actually old pictures -- some were taken months ago, and some years ago. Just a friendly reminder to myself that time would really play tricks on me :)

Have a nice day, guise! ♥

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Have you ever been really happy with someone, that you actually forgot how to be happy without them?

When it comes to love and relationships, I know there's no such thing as "I can't live without him/her", since we were all born without them. Before that person came to our lives, we lived normally and we thought it was just okay.

And when love finally knocked, we started to feel the change in our lives. We thought they changed our lives in a good way, and we enjoyed every second of our 'new' lives.. We laughed a lot, we smiled. We cried, but we were glad. (at least I think so)

But things does not always end up the way we want it, right? Even when you think it's real, and you really believe that he/she is the one... there are things that just can't be.

And we started to feel another big change. We thought we'd lost our 'happiness'. No matter how many times people told us that we still had many things going for us, it just did not feel right at that moment. The only happiness we could remember and think of is the one we experienced together with them. This applies especially when we've spent quite a lot of time with them.

After some time, we thought we'd had enough of it. We tried to mingle. Making new friends and having fun with the old ones. We tried to find distractions to keep our minds busy. And they do work, actually. But not until we found ourselves alone again, buried in our own deep thoughts : is there anyone or anything that would stay forever?

You know, I can tell that it sucks being attached to someone (or something). Let it be your beloved ones, your friends, your hobbies, or your favourite things. Because things change, for sure -- no matter how many times people tell you they would never change. And when they're finally gone, you tend to forget how to fend for yourself -- they'll leave you feeling unwanted and worthless, that you almost forget that you once had a normal (and peaceful) life far before those things happened.

What I'm trying to say is.... Is it even worth it to depend our happiness on someone or something?

Maybe that's one of the reason why I think it's just good to be alone sometimes. I may be happy with good people around (yes, I thank you, people. I do love it), but sometimes I just think I need to learn to be happy with the life of my own. That way, even when people upset us, we'd know that the biggest happiness is far inside our own hearts.

Pardon my cheesy words. Wishing you a nice and peaceful day, dear friends ♥

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

first attempt

Monday, February 25, 2013

guess it's okay not to have an instagram

By the way, yes, I got a new analog camera. Got it as a Christmas present.... Well, not really. I actually joined a Christmas gift-exchange party among my friends last month and yeah, I picked a gift based on the number on my coupon, and I literally jumped when I tore the newspaper wrappings and read a "35mm Waterproof Camera" on the packaging. I was feeling sooooo lucky x) I haven't used it yet and now I'm planning on saving my money to buy the film rolls :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

systematic thoughts.

I received my personality test result a couple of months ago, but I just decided to share something about it now.
I had taken that kind of tests several times before, and I did not usually think of it very much. They described my potential, what I’d be good at, and such things, but I always thought of the result as something that came from some calculations and formulas, like, they just input my answers and the result came out based on what I answered, so that people who gave the exactly same answers would get the same result (hope you get it). I needed something more personal, since there must be something about me that people would not know just from my answers.
But I never thought that what they write about my personality would finally make me really anxious about myself.

They said that I, and the way I thought of things, was “too systematic” and “too organised” that I started to lack creative thoughts.
And I started to notice the truth when I decided to doodle again after months of absence (due to the heaps of tasks), and I found myself unable to decide what to draw. But hey, why did I even plan my doodles? Doodles were supposed to be random and full of crazy imagination, yes? This started to make me worried and doubtful. 

Right now I’m in a process of building back my free imagination. I attempt to create more artworks, but again, the busy school days really get me exhausted that I fall asleep quickly and have no time to do the artworks. Complicated nuff, duh? 

Anyway, what are you fighting for right now, people? Let’s wish ourselves the best of luck! ☺ I’d be back with (hopefully) more pics, so stay tuned!

Friday, January 4, 2013

fresh start

I hope it's not too late for a New Year greeting ;) and unlike the previous years, this year I will not write down my New Year resolutions or wish list and post them to my blog. I'd rather think about what happened on 2012. Every year is basically the same -- there are always good things and bad things. And in my personal opinion, it's kinda unfair to expect only the good ones. In the fact, bad things will always happen, but we can always choose our attitude. So let's just wish for patience and more positive attitude for 2013! :)

Happy New Year, dudes! Have a blessed year ahead ☺
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